Wifi range extenders and internet boosters

Wifi extenders or internet boosters could very likely be the answer to your internet problems at home they are capable of increasing the strength and the range of your home internet to every corner of your house. Good wifi boosters will even give you super strong wifi right to the bottom of your back garden, useful if you have a shed or garage. 

we recommend the wifi booster below 

Full home wifi coverage set

Tenda Nova MW3-3 set of 3 £72.99

wifi booster mesh.jpg

The Tenda nova set of 3 Wi-Fi full home kit covers 3500 sq ft and will very easily and quickly solve your Wi-Fi problems with plenty of range even for larger homes. Very easy set up no need to know anything about technology the instructions are very simple to follow its a 5 minute job.

If you live in a small flat or apartment then maybe save some money and go for the single wifi booster but beware these are not powerful enough to cover a full house I would only suggest using a single booster for small spaces. I have suggested the single wifi booster below as the best value for money but still getting decent range increase.

we recommend the wifi booster below 

wifi booster 2 single.jpg

This small but powerful wifi booster is perfect for little spaces and just plugs into the wall. It works best to plug it in around halfway between your internet modem and the area that you want to have better signal, hopefully that makes sense. Be sure to get the 1200 sq ft model and not the 700 sq ft model which is almost the same price but a lot less range.

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