Can't get to sleep 

We have all had the odd night when we can't get to sleep but for some of us its more than just the odd night its all of the time, even if I went to bed at 9pm I might still be awake at 3am super stressed out because I have to wake up at 6am. This becomes a regular pattern and gets super depressing as the night goes on my anxiety grows thinking about the fact I'm going to be so tired at work so I keep looking at the clock counting down the hours getting more annoyed with myself and more stressed. As the sleep problems started really messing with my life I did what we all do and started googling sleep aids. Iv spent a load of money on herbal tablets .. they don't work for me at all i tried all the main brands on the tv adverts and had no results at all. 

After trying a load of junk that didn't work for me in the slightest I tried proper sleeping tablets but they made me an absolute zombie the whole next day. Just before I gave up buying random things to help me sleep I read an article about these white/pink noise machines and I thought nope that's another load of rubbish. Not long after reading the article my sister convinced me it helps her little one sleep and she wouldn't let me borrow it to test it on myself so yes I ended up buying a cheap white noise machine for £15.

And the verdict.. at first I was very sceptical but I'm pleased to say its absolutely working for me I have since upgraded to a more expensive one with better sound quality but honestly even the cheap machine was working before I switched. 

I will list below the two that I bought I cant stress this enough for people who cant sleep you absolutely need to give these a try. 

white noise 1.jpg
white noise 2.jpg

Wolverhampton, west midlands, uk

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