ENACFIRE Wireless Earphones £34.99

best wireless earphones

In first place we have chosen the Enacfire wireless earphones. The charging pod is like a portable charger, the case will hold 18 hours of charge so every time you put your earphones in your case they will be re-charging automatically in the little magnetic earphone case. All of the earphones that we have selected in our top 3 have this auto-charge feature.

The sound quality was better than we expected for the price they do not sound like budget earphones at all its actually very impressive that the earphones themselves hold 4 hours worth of continuous play time and that is literally non-stop play without pausing considering the excellent sound quality for the price we are impressed. We also like the ease at which it connects to any phone or device using Bluetooth we didn't even use the instructions its that simple, just turn the earphones on and turn your phones Bluetooth on click connect. 

You can walk over 60 feet away from your phone or device before the earphones connection is interrupted although this can be effected by thick walls in your house, they are also waterproof to a certain extent but do not assume you can go swimming with them or in the shower but you can feel confident they will be fine if you get caught in the rain on your travels. Excellent value for money and a very smart buy we believe they are the best wireless earphones on a budget.


In second place the Anker sound-core wireless earphones which have a better battery life than most earphones but also a bigger price tag which is why we couldn't put them in the number 1 spot because we love a bargain and we just feel they could be a little bit cheaper. On the other hand with 7 hours life in each earphone and 40 hours battery life held in the case maybe the price is justified they also charge incredibly fast.

 On to sound quality now and they are excellent in this department they really are are crystal clear with a good amount of base and depth to the sound. we honestly cant fault the sound quality on these earphones we are very impressed with the sound no complaints at all very similar sound to our number 1 spot. 

We really liked the fast connect feature so basically u connect them to your device only once and from then on every time they are removed from their case they will automatically connect to the last device that they was connected to (mega useful).  They also boast the same waterproof quality as our number 1 choice but because of the higher price we feel they are only the 2nd best wireless earphones based on value for money.


NYZ 7H Bluetooth Earphones £27.99

Best wireless earphones

And finally in 3rd place we have the NYZ bluetooth earphones with very long battery life the charging case holds 70 hours worth of charge for while your out and about with each ear phone lasting 7 hours before needing to recharge. Now straight away we must admit that number 1 and 2 on our list have better sound quality than these NYZ earphones but the difference is so minimal that they easily deserve a top 3 place. 

The fact that they have excellent battery life at such a good price whiles still having fast connection features and waterproof qualities makes the NYZ an excellent bargain choice. We should mention that all 3 of the ear phone cases on our list can be used to charge your phone whiles your out and about so they are basically like having a little power bank with you at all times, serving two purposes with one purchase. 

If you are hoping to spend as little as possible but still get some of the best wireless earphones available then the NYZ earphones are a very good option and we suggest checking the hundreds of good reviews they have on Amazon just to be sure before you think about buying. (SEE AMAZON REVIEWS)

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