Yes its the Ninja multi-cooker that manages to replace every cooking appliance in the kitchen all at once this thing is incredible it even grills if u want a perfectly seared steak or peri peri chicken there is no need to fire up the charcoal BBQ the ninja will do that for you. As well as being a pressure cooker, an air fryer, a fish or vegetable steamer, a slow cooker i mean it seriously does it all you could cook a curry in the ninja then steam the rice in the same appliance, its  got to the point now that i rarely use my cooker anymore. The Ninja is on offer at amazon at the moment u can click the Amazon button below to view it. 

  1. 6 Litres of space big enough for 6-8 portions

  2. Indoor BBQ, grill, steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, air fryer and rice cooker

  3. Makes steaks and burgers taste absolutely delicious you get a good sear and all the flavor and juices locked inside.

  4. Removes the need for separate air fryers, pressure cookers and rice cookers

  5. Energy efficient saves money 

Wolverhampton, west midlands, uk

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