Best Cordless vacuum cleaners UK with good battery life

When looking to buy the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK for as cheap as possible its all about battery life and suction power so that's mainly what we are focusing on in this list, we want cheap powerfull vacuum cleaners that have enough vacuum attachments to get the jobs done. We have made a list of the best cordless battery powered vacuum cleaners or hoovers at the cheapest prices. We hope that us testing these battery operated vacuum cleaners will save you a bit of time when you decide to buy one.


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The best cordless vacuum to buy is an easy choice its the Hosome cordless vacuum with long battery life, easily the best choice for this kind of price range,  its not uncommon to pay over £200 for this kind of performance and battery life on cordless vacuums. The full charge time on this vacuum is around 4 hours which is excellent for a powerful vacuum cleaner that lasts over 30 minutes per charge. You will not find a better low priced cordless vacuum with good battery life that has as much suction power as this battery powered hoover. This is the best low priced cordless vacuum in the UK.


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The second Best cordless vacuum cleaner UK with slightly less power is the Vytronix battery operated vacuum cleaner with around 30 minutes run time on full power or up to 45 minutes run time on eco vacuum mode but sacrifices a bit of suction power. Still an excellent cheap cordless vacuum and what an absolute bargain at the current price too, if you want to buy a budget cordless vacuum this could well be the best choice its not the most powerful cordless vacuum on the list but still powerful enough to get very good reviews on Amazon. This is the cheapest cordless hoover with enough power to get the job done.


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The third best cordless vacuum is actually the best cordless vacuum on the list but due to its high price we don't see it as a bargain cordless vacuum but if your lucky enough to have a big budget for cordless vacuums here is the absolute king or queen of cordless vacuums. With a huge 80 minute run time its a very powerful battery powered vacuum this is like the Lamborghini of cordless vacuum cleaners the best of the best battery powered hoover. Also comes with sharks 5 year guarantee which they always honour. If you have the extra money and want the very best cordless vacuum this is the real deal. This is the best cordless vacuum in the UK if you have a large budget.

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