Best Cordless vacuum cleaners with good battery life

When looking to buy a cordless hoover its all about battery life, suction power and price so that's all we are focusing on in this list, we aren't too bothered about how it looks or how many nozzle attachments they come with as most will look like a hoover and have enough attachments to get the jobs done. We have not included hoovers that do not run for the time they promised, for example if the manufacturer claimed 30 minutes battery life and it died after 25 mins its not going on this list. We hope that us testing these battery operated hoovers will save you a bit of time.


cordless vacuum 1.jpg

In first place an easy choice is the Hosome cordless vacuum easily the best choice for this kind of price range, bigger brands will have you paying over £300 for this kind of performance and battery life and the full charge time is around 4 hours which is excellent for a powerful vacuum cleaner that lasts over 30 minutes. I am going to make a bold statement and say you will not find a better cordless vacuum anywhere near this price. 


cordless vacuum 2.jpg

In second place with slightly less power is the Vytronix with around 30 minutes run time on full power or up to 45 minutes run time on eco mode but sacrifices more power. Still an excellent cordless vacuum and what an absolute bargain at the current price too, if your on a budget this could well be the best choice its not got the suction power of the number 1 vacuum on the list but still powerful enough to get very good reviews on Amazon.


cordless vacuum 3.jpg

Finally if your lucky enough to have a big budget for cordless vacuums here is the absolute king/queen of cordless vacuums with a huge 80 minute run time and very powerful suction this is like the Lamborghini of cordless vacuum cleaners the best of the best. Also comes with sharks 5 year guarantee which they always honor. If you have the extra money and want the very best this is the real deal.

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