Apparently Treasure hunting is the new craze so we reviewed the best cheap metal detectors UK


DR OTEK lightweight with LCD display £129.99 

best cheap metal detectors UK

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In first place on our list and also the best selling metal detector on amazon. We have the Dr.otek metal detector with waterproof coil. This metal detector is very lightweight with metal memory mode meaning if you find a certain type of metal you can then save it as a memory to bleep only when that kind of metal is found. It has a nice big clear display with 3 display modes to make it very easy to see what metals are being detected. This metal detector also has easy depth control up to 10 inches in 2 inch adjustments. For this price we cant find a higher quality detector anywhere and with over 300 reviews on amazon giving it a 5 star rating it seems everyone is agreed it deserves 1st place 10/10 for value.

Garrett Ace 150 metal detector £135.50 (best for beginner)

best cheap metal detectors UK


In second place we have the garret ace metal detector its very simple turn on and go operation making it the perfect choice if you've never used a metal detector. There are settings you can play with as you go along of course u can adjust what depth u would like to detect metals at for example. You can also choose to search for just coins only or just jewelry only a lot of people love these features. This metal detector weighs less than 2 kg so its a nice lightweight bit of kit. 9/10 we would like it to be a little cheaper although it is great quality we cant complain too much.

Strenter Metal Detector £79.99 (kids and adults)

best cheap metal detectors UK


In third place we have the strenter metal detector we think this one is a little better for kids than the others its easily one of the best cheap metal detectors in the UK. It has a depth of just over 7 inches which is still very good for this price. If you find anything cheaper than this the chances are it wont come close to the power to search 7 inches in most surfaces. We didn't want to add anything to the list that was not powerful enough for proper treasure hunting. We do love a bargain but buying a £30 or £40 detector would  really lack the power to serve its purpose so the this is the best detector we could find on a budget with good battery power for more treasure hunting time outside. 

Finding the right metal detectors for you is not always easy especially when you are new to metal detecting and have never purchased a metal detector before. We made sure to only include metal detectors in our top 3 that are capable of actually properly distinguishing between metals. If you buy a very cheap metal detector u wont know the difference between all the little bits of iron or steel in the soil and treasure like rings or gold.


The problem with very cheap metal detectors is that they are such a basic system that it will not allow you to notice the difference between rubbish and treasure. So it may be fun for kids for a little while until they realize its continuously bleeping as you dig up nails and pieces of rubbish this may become boring very quickly.

The real fun begins when you have a decent metal detector that can tell the difference between rubbish and gold. Buying a good metal detector will save you so much digging time in the long run. Very often the metal detectors will pay for themselves not long after buying your metal detector as you find actual valuable items.


The three metal detectors we have selected for you on our list are all capable of actual treasure hunting and to be fair they arent all that expensive for what they are. All three of the metal detectors have the LCD display and all three are capable of detecting a depth of a minimum of 7inches. We have also tried to select light weight metal detectors as you will notice when you start your treasure hunting after the first 30 minutes you will be very glad you don't have a heavy metal detector and you will be very great-full you chose a light weight metal detector. 

Keep in mind that metal detectors can be a great hobby and can be profitable but there is always going to be different rules in different areas regarding metal detectors and treasure hunting. If you plan to go to beaches, fields or woodland to use your metal detectors its always good practice to try and find out if there will be any issue taken by the council or land owners. There are plenty of websites around metal detectors to help guide u further.

we hope we helped you choose one of the best cheap metal detectors UK for your new hobby.

Wolverhampton, west midlands, uk

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