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The rapid boil Morphy Richards kettle it looks good with a brushed stainless steel design it is a design that would easily blend in with most kitchen colour themes too. This kettle has rapid boil and who doesn't want there cup of tea a bit faster, if rapid boil is an option surely all kettles should use it. The kettle weighs less than 1 kg which is brilliant especially as we don't all have strong wrists so this lightweight option might be a great choice. This kettle is extremely reliable its also nice and cheap why pay a fortune for kettles when you just don't need to? Its on sale at Amazon with free delivery at the moment the Amazon button below will take you to Amazons kettles.

  1. Rapid boil function faster tea/coffee

  2. Energy saving 

  3. Very light weight less than 1KG

  4. 1.7 litres plenty of water capacity

  5. Reliable, sturdy and low priced

Wolverhampton, west midlands, uk

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