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The best electric whisk for baking UK 2020 is the AICOK Hand Mixer Electric 6 Speed whisk, capable of mixing 500 grams of flour at a time that's half a kilogram at once. The best in this price range by far and just look how good it looks also the amount of excellent reviews on amazon speak for themselves. Easily the best electric whisk UK for value for money.


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The 2nd best electric whisk UK in 2020 is the Aztarr 7 speed electric whisk only slightly less powerful than the number 1 whisk but still very much sufficient for most bakers. At this price its an absolute bargain and easily one of the best electric whisks UK 2020. Plenty of options with 7 speeds available a great little piece of kit for bakers.


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The 3rd best electric whisk UK 2020 is the Quest 5 speed electric whisk. The cheapest electric whisk on our list but still very capable of doing the job, plenty of good reviews on amazon so you can be sure that you will be getting a decent bit of equipment if you go for this electric whisk.

All of the electric whisks in our list are suitable for the following.

  • Electric whisks for baking

  • Electric whisks for soup

  • Electric whisks for drinks making

  • Electric whisks for egg beating

  • Electric whisks for whipping cream

  • Electric whisks for cake

  • Electric whisks for matcha tea

  • Electric whisks for meringue

  • Electric whisks for pumpkin

  • Electric whisks for mashed potato

  • Electric whisks for hot chocolate

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