We have tested A LOT of air fryers over the past couple of years, all manufacturers like to claim their air fryers are excellent but we found so many air fryers had big problems. Some had faults after the first use or overheat within 20 minutes, some had issues with opening and closing the cooking basket or were difficult to clean and some were very noisy whiles running and the handles were hot to the touch. The list of rubbish air fryers was endless so we have made a much shorter list of our favourite air fryers that worked perfectly hopefully we save you the hassle of having to return faulty or rubbish air fryers.


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The best air fryer 2021 judged on price, cooking results and build quality is this Philips air fryer. Its very easy to use with the two dials, one dial for temperature the other dial for cooking time. The cooking results are superb it clearly has a very good fan to give the excellent heat distribution that cooked everything so evenly. This air fryer out-performed some of the most expensive air fryers that we tested we were very pleasantly surprised at the impressive quality of this air fryer given the price. A low price for a philips because it doesn't have a digital display but the dials are straight forward enough and a lot of people prefer the simplicity of the dials. Also worth mentioning it feels solid too it feels like you would have to try really hard to break it there is no flimsy parts and nothing that u have to be gentle with. The noise it makes when its finished cooking is loud enough to alert you but not annoyingly loud like some we tested that sounded like our fire alarm was going off. We also like the fact its a very energy efficient air fryer to save a bit on electric.


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The 2nd best air fryer is the pro breeze its an absolute dream to use its so easy, you can just throw some chips in and press the chips icon and walk away until it bleeps when its done cooking. It looks excellent too really nice and stylish, the 4.2 litre is big enough for most families although they do sell a 5.5 litre if you need the extra space (we haven't tested the larger 5.5 litre model yet). The basket slides in and out with ease unlike some we tested where the basket doesn't want to go back in which could get really annoying after a while. As for cooking performance it gets top marks from us it cooks brilliantly we had no trouble getting perfectly cooked chips right next to a beautifully tender steak cooking together in the same basket, everything cooked very evenly without any issues. it is also nice and sturdy like all on this list it will not break easily it doesn't feel flimsy at all definitely good build quality. This is the air fryer that we are using at home at the moment and it gets used everyday we are very happy with it and we have had it for around 6 months.


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The third best air fryer UK 2021 is this beautiful Tefal air fryer, it was a close race for second place only just missing out is this tefal airfryer it is so nice to look at you just cant stop looking at it, so sleek and shiny its like a little piece of art sitting on the kitchen side. If it was down to looks alone this would have won 1st place. Its an excellent air fryer that wont disappoint when it comes to cooking results it will cook your food to perfection, the reason it only made it to third place is because they keep changing the price of it on Amazon. One week its priced at £100 the next its £70 then back up to £100. The most important thing is value for money and I just don't feel its worth over £100 so if you can catch it on a good week when the price is low we say go for this beauty. P.S the little thumb dimple on the handle feels really nice when u put your thumb in :) and like the other air fryers on the list its not going to break easily its very well made. 



This digital cosori air fryer is our 4th best air fryer 2021 and it has a beautiful looking digital display. The digital display on this air fryer makes it capable of using preset cooking programs so for example when cooking a peice of fish you don't need to worry about selecting temperatures or cooking times just press the fish icon and the cosori will select the correct time and temperature settings for you. The cooking results are excellent really top quality heat distribution but because this air fryer is more expensive for a cosori we have put it further down our list also it is very often sold out it seems they cant make them fast enough for customer demand, they also sell an extra large version with 5.5 litre capacity if you have a larger family.


Our list of bargain air fryers UK below


The largest of our cheap air fryers UK 2021 list, this tower air fryer is excellent value for money and plenty of space for a normal sized family. Absolute bargain air fryer, although prices fluctuate it does drop to £49.99 on a regular basis so if your looking for a large budget air fryer this is a brilliant choice. 

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This salter 3.2 litre is a cheap air fryer but still a decent size good enough for cooking for 3/4 people. For a budget air fryer your still going to get get good cooking results with this one, very simple to use and it doesn't look too bad either we think its a good bargain air fryer when its in stock that is.

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Finally the cheapest air fryer UK 2021 is this Emperial 1.5 litre, good for two people but not big enough for a family of four or more. This budget air fryer is a very low price but we wouldn't advise getting an air fryer this small unless your cooking for 2/3 people at the most. Still a very good quality air fryer non the less.


Air fryers are much much healthier than deep fat fryers or pan frying, you don't need to use any oil at all. Some people say use a teaspoon of oil but iv had my air fryer for years iv never used oil at all. A big reason for me to buy an air fryer is the way it cooks chips, they come out as if you had used a deep fat fryer but without the soggyness/oilyness also if your in a rush air fryers cook around 25% faster than oven cooking I sometimes use it to cook a whole chicken if im rushing to cook my Sunday roast dinner, it takes around 30 minutes off the cooking time so it can be a life saver. 


Think of your air fryer as extra oven space that can really help you out when your preparing food for more than 1 person, I usually put a pizza in the oven and then put the chips in the air fryer because it cooks chips way better than any oven I'm 100% sure of that you just cant beat air fryer chips. Certain foods you used to microwave do taste better in the air fryer for example microwave chips, pizzas, pies, pasties, steak bakes or things like sausage rolls just ignore the microwave instructions and throw them in the air fryer for a few minutes u cant get the baked crispiness taste from a microwave but air fryers create that texture but really quickly no need to pre-heat. We hope we have helped you find the best air fryer for you and feel free to contact us on our email address below.

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